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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 24, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> good morning, washington. great to have you with us on this day before thanksgiving. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. let's give started with traffic s in forherjim russ i lisa baden. >> there will be problems in the intermountain west. later, the storm system blows from the mountains towards the upper midwest. most of this region is looking fantastic. there's a lot of sunshine, high pressure. tomorrow morning we could have areas of rain. it's 39 in frederick, hagerstown, 38, 47 in the district. noticeably cooler than the past couple days with highs near 50. upper 40's for the northwest of town. low 50's locally and in southern
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maryland. more on the potential precipitation for tonight and tomorrow, coming up. all lot of people are off today. this is 395 north bound. in the express lanes there was a single vehicle crash. side. on the left there is no delay. 95 looks good between springfield and fredericksburg in both directions. in maryland's let's show you the beltway, looks good each way. no accidents on the beltway. 270, 66, the toll roads, running nicely so far. back to you. >> thank you. our top story is the big thanksgiving getaway. millions of americans will soon get for the holiday destinations. 40 million people will travel by car. more than 1.5 million will fly.
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the reason the roadways will be filled with people -- the roadways will be filled with people, so prepare for that. there will be strict security measures at airports. >> there is a planned protest that could make a getting around even more difficult. courtney robinson is at reagan national checking on conditions. >> good morning. good advice, get to the airport early. there is a grassroots efforts, national opt out day. that could cause serious backups at security checkpoints. if you opt 40 pat-down, that could slow down the blinds -- opt for a pat-down.
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>> it is a little creepy. there are going to places they have never gone before. is it what they have to do? i don't know. >> this person chose pat-downs because she did not want to subject yourself to radiation. many fliers are being urged to scanners. body >> i don't think there is any effect of it. it is a federal fondling program. i don't like it. >> some say that there's radiation from the body scanners. unlike most protests where there
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are signs and t-shirts, today we could see kilts as a way to show the tsa how outraged passengers are. >> thank you. checking on conditions any time, log on to, the on- line home of abc 7 news. the death toll from yesterday is four. the south korean coast guard reports finding the bodies of two civilians today. two south korean marines died when north korea fired on an island near the disputed border. the attacks brought tensions on the korean peninsula into a new level. president obama spoke about the attack during an interview with barbara walters of abc. >> south korea is our ally. they have been since the and we
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strongly affirm our commitment to defend south korea. >> the president says the u.s. will work for strong international condemnation of the north korean attack. the south korean president agree to hold joint military exercises and training in the coming days. a man is under arrest in connection with the murder of a high-school students. joseph sharp was shot and killed on november 8 in northeast. yesterday's police arrested a 19-year-old, is charged with murder. 11 people are under arrest in a sex sting in gaithersburg, including high-ranking congressional staff member. brianne carter is live with that story. good morning. >> 11 people ranging in age from 25-61 from the washington metro area and west virginia
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board arrested and charged with one count of sexual solicitation of a minor after an online sex sting. bob decheine, chief of staff for new jersey congressman steve rothman, was arrested. they released a statement saying that the congressman considers this alleged criminal act to be shopping and indefensible. police went undercover and posted ads and began communication with the 11 people. police say that the 11 people were released on bond and face up to 10 years in prison, if convicted. brianne carter, abc 7 news. 43 degrees. >> still ahead, hundreds of people lining up once again for
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free food. we will tell you why they left empty-handed the first time around. >> blood sweat and tears. >> cynne simpson has a look back at the big finale. >>
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5:09. a lot of people already looking to get out-of-town. getting up and going to the roads or to the airport. >> this is the time to do it. either now or late tonight. >> exactly. indicatesstorm system midwest. if you plan to travel early tomorrow morning locally by car, that is when we could run into areas of rain. otherwise, they will be graced with sunshine, high temperatures in the 50's. 39 in frederick. sun line during the daylight hours. then the climate of increase. we are expecting rain after midnight and in the early morning tomorrow. we cannot rely about some areas
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of study to mixing even with the rain especially north and west of the metro area. mainly just gray on thanksgiving with a few peaks of sunshine. >> chance of showers early in the day tomorrow, is near 50 degrees. on friday there's another shot of rain by mid day, temperatures in the mid-50s. good chance of rain >. there was an incident on 395 north of landlocked. no delays now. let's go to maryland. 270 southbound getting past 109, it is light, no delays. the beltway looks good traveling around the north side trying to get from college park to silver
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spring, moving nicely. looking at the oliver duper or make that 66 and the toll road in pretty good shape. no accidents on 95 or the parkway between the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. 5:12, 43 degrees. >> coming up, an old apple computer it's the auction block. >> it was worth every second. >> the new winner speaks out from the dance floor. >> andness loans. government car auctions to finding a new job, to get information go to the official source,
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texting top stories on this wednesday morning. whether it is by plane, train, or automobile, millions of
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americans will make the thanksgiving getaway today. nearly four women and people will travel by car. 1.5 million will fly. amtrak says that it will be the busiest day of the year for them. new jersey congressman steve rosman's chief of staff was one of 11 people arrested during an internet sex sting in gaithersburg. bob decheine has been fired from his job. george w. bush has more than 1 million reasons to be happy. his memoir has sold 1.1 million copies since it was released on november 9. the battle is finally over in the ballroom. >> the new champion is --
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[crowd cheers] jennifer grey. >> she went home with the mirrorball trophy. cynne simpson was there. >> it was the ending the judges were hoping for. jennifer grey has consistently come out on top of the leader board when it comes to the judges' scores. apparently, america agreed with them. this season was full of controversy. no one expected bristol palin would make it to the final three, but she made a pretty good run. a lot of controversy ensued as a result. she received death threats. there was also an amtrak scarecrow -- anthrax scale. jennifer hawke-petit is the winner.
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>> i am stunned. it is such a sweet thinking. -- thing. it was such a tunnel to was journey. it was worth every second. getting to dance with this incredibly talented man was a chance of a lifetime. i am grateful. >> there were more viewers this season than ever before. the phone lines were jammed yesterday with all of the phone calls. lots of excitement to night in hollywood as the 11th season wraps up. in los angeles, cynne simpson. >> thank you. bristol palin will talk about her dancing journey and her mother will weigh in on it as well in the next hour. a virginia teenager will be laid to rest.
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the 17-year-old kevin sullivan was found in a ditch on november 12. he suffered a head injury along with other injuries. he died and the don't-know how he was injured. mayor elect and the governors of maryland and virginia support changing the transit agency's governing structure. a report last week said metro's management structure and has contributed to problems. more proof that the apple does not fall far from the tree. vinita nair has this story and more. >> the fcc looks to bring 911 into the digital age. they're considering changes that would affect the ability to text 911 and sent photographs from
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phones when a phone call would jeopardize your security. that's a free application helps you find out which items you can bring through security checkpoints at the airport and it lists security wait times at u.s. airports. apple computers are usually pricey, but not this one during the first apple computer sold at $210,000. introduced in 1976, it did not have a keyboard or display. it came with a signed thank you letter from steve jobs, the ceo. >> interesting. they used to be big and bulky. >> i have one in attic. remember the big bulk coupons? >> yes. -- bulky ones.
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>> what's the latest? thousands of people traveling today, what's your advice? >> here is the travel map. denver and especially to the west end in salt lake city is where they have snowfall. travelling towards the upper midwest, still snowing. showers in parts of the midwest and mississippi valley and parts of the ohio valley. cool temperatures across the northern half of the united states. 21 in minneapolis, 14 at international falls. eight degrees below zero in billings, montana. it is 20 degrees below at great falls, montana. that is 35-40 degrees below normal for this time of year.
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unbelievable. it's 45 at reagan national, 41 martinsburg. 39 in the nes there's a developing system pushing to the north and east. i expect some precipitation to move to our region at this time tomorrow. early tomorrow we expect a light rain and maybe sleet in northwest of the metro area. especially hagerstown,, martinsburg, winchester. that's possible late tonight and early tomorrow. we will < your grande terre today, temperatures near 50. we are clearing out this weekend after showers on friday. generally cool today through the weekend. the beltway at the american legion bridge, there was an
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allele problem in the express lanes, but it's open again. 95 looks good, fredericksburg to springfield. if the beltway at the american legion bridge is running nicely. this is the way it looks pretty much around the beltway. no accidents on 270. no accidents at the bw parkway. traffic running pretty smoothly. back to you. >> thank you. 5:22, 43 degrees. >> coming up, john wall and the wizards do great in overtime. tim brant will have highlights. >> on "the oprah show", superstar garth brooks. and carson gets a $6 million in prize with brides.
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ohhhhh, land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrims' pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring! ♪
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the wizards and the 76ers' played an interesting game at a phone booth last night. the wizards were down. quinn the fourth, gets slammed. the wizards, back in full swing. john wall had a shot, but he was followed -- fouled. the game was sent into overtime. blizzards were down and time was running out.
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the wizards and the game 115- 114. delaware state played maryland's last night. maryland is four and two after winning. have a great day, everybody. 43 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. thanksgivingry's food fight. robinson, live at reagan national airport. could a grassroots efforts mean that you miss your flight? we will tell you what you need to know to leave on time today. >> a great day to travel locally today. >> a great day to travel locally today. there could
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> a little frustrated because i'm traveling with my family and don't want delays. >> planes, trains, and automobiles. no matter how you travel, get ready for company. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, november 24. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. millions of people are headed out-of-town today. adam caskey is in the weather center with the forecast. >> looking goods around here. noticeably cooler, a little breezy at times. a northwesterly wind. you will feel that. in fairfax it is 40 degrees, 39
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in frederick, 44 in lexington park, 38 in madison, virginia. sunrise at 7:00. mostly sunny today, as in the low 50s. upper 40's to the northwest of town especially in hagerstown and romney, west virginia. clouds will increase around sunset and light rain will develop tomorrow morning. it will be raining in the metro area and especially to the north. there could be isolated sleet, but it should not amount to much. 66 eastbound has an accident at gainesville, taking a out the left and the right. the outer loop and silver spring coming toward the bottom left, no delays bear. 95 and 395 in pretty good shape.
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northbound side of 95 in springfield, no delays from fredericksburg to the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. on this day before thanksgiving, americans will use trains, planes, and automobiles. nearly 40 million people will drive while just over 1.6 million will fly. if driving, the national average for regular gasoline is $2.87 a gallon. all eyes on the airports today as tens of thousands of passengers. the security lines. >> the plans nationwide protest could mean major delays. courtney robinson is at reagan national with what to expect. >> good morning. we could see some serious backups at security lines, not only at reagan national, but bwi marshall and dulles airports. all three major airports have body scanners.
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the idea of national opt out day is to go with pat-downs to send tsa a message about overly intrusive screening by the body scanners and the pat-downs. this encourages passengers to go with pat-downs. some believe the body scanners are radiations to searches. others say that the pat-downs are too much for the agents to deal with passengers. we will see how it affects reagan national airport. many say that we are not going to see a big backup from this campaign, that it's not going to get the reads that it could. protests where uc flyers and signs and t-shirts, some will wear kilts to send a message about perorates toward the tsa.
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drivers using interstate '95 to get to their a thanksgiving destination, there could be massive delays at the newark toll plaza in delaware. they're urging travelers to find another route. wild weather is hampering the thanksgiving travel in some parts of the country. in the midwest and west coast they have dealt with wild weather. dennis miller has got accident and grounded flights. temperatures could drop to 15 degrees below zero in some areas. developments from south korea, the death toll is up from yesterday's attack. four people. the bodies of two civilians were found on an island near the north korean border. two south korean marines were also killed. north korea fired artillery at to that island.
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south korea and the u.s. will hold joint military exercises later this week's. 40 years in prison for a man convicted of murdering d.c. school principal brian betts. alante saunders was sentenced yesterday for shooting him during a botched robbery in april. the family of the victim had a conference with news media with attorney gloria allred. she said that alante saunders could face hate crime charges. the chief of staff to a member of congress is one of 11 tested. >> gaithersburg police arrested them in an online sex sting. brianne carter has more details. >> police say that the staffer was one of 11 arrested and charged with one count of selectable -- sexual solicitation of a minor. he works for new jersey democrat
5:35 am
steve rothman, who has since fired him. his name is bob decheine. during the conversations, an exchange of services for expectations was made on the internet by undercover police. >> vapour trade what they wanted to do in their fantasy. they met police officers with shiny badges and handcuffs instead. >> deale leavener released on bond. each faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. -- each of them was released on bond. 5:35. >> crying foul.
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the turkey giveaway did not go off without a hitch for marion barry. >> and what jennifer grey has to say about her victory on "dancing with the stars." >> we will have the latest on "dancing with the stars." >> we will have the latest on the
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>> i am at the food and friends. help us celebrate thanksgiving by purchasing a pie at on our website. >> good morning, washington. 5:38. a lot of people are keeping an eye on the forecast, with good reason. >> this is a busy travel day that we talk about every year. will the weather cooperates? >> it will for the most part. if there will be some activity in the middle of the country and in the mountains. the appalachian mountains will be better. it's 37 in frederick. a lot of sunshine today, thanks to a high-pressure system. mostly sunny, but breezy at times. it is out of the northwest, which is dropping our temperatures. high temperatures today will be 6 degrees cooler than yesterday.
5:40 am
near 50 this afternoon. there's a lot of sunshine during the daylight hours. claude's will increase around sunset. this is travel -- this is important if you are traveling on the roads because it could be wet tonight and early tomorrow morning. there is the chance of light sleet mixed with the rain to the north and west of the metro area and along the mason- dixon line tomorrow morning and into pennsylvania. that is something to keep in mind if you are hitting the roads. sign of the changing season. a lot of sunshine today, light rain develops tonight, maybe mixing street. low to mid 30 tonight. light rain tomorrow, sunny breaks.
5:41 am
southbound to 70, traffic running nicely. as you make the trip through hyattstown, starting to slow. this is 395 at landmark. slowing down a little at 109. the beltway looks pretty good from college park to silver spring. from the inner loop de annandale de tysons corner, normal. accident on 66 in gainesville. it was just cleared from the roadway. you won't find any slowdowns through that area on 66 in gainesville. back to you. >> thank you. 32 degrees, 5:41. >> bristol palin backlash. we will hear from her now that the dancing is done. turkeyouncil member's
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>> tonight at 5 o'clock, headed into the holiday weekend. it's time for some holiday movie openings. arch campbell will have his holiday picks, movies that you don't want to miss, tonight at 5:00. >> texting our top story is on this wednesday. millions of people will be hitting the roads to get to granma's house. drivers will pay more for gas. airline passengers could face strong security lines at the airports. a high-ranking congressional aide was one of 11 people in arrested during an internet sex sting by gaithersburg police. bob decheine is trust with
5:46 am
soliciting sex from a minor. he works for new jersey democrat steve rothman, who has since fired him. 29 coal miners missing since last week in new zealand are did. the-- dead. there's been a second blast and a buildup of gas has hampered the recovery efforts. 2000 thanksgiving dinners are at stakes because of a disagreement between marion barry and giant supermarket. >> hundreds of people showed up at church at southeast d.c., but there were no free turkeys to give them, so they were told to leave and come back this morning at 9:00 and that giant would be able to provide the 30's today. some people still could leave
5:47 am
empty-handed. people into sleep waited in line yesterday in southeast as parts of marion barry's annual thanksgiving give away. it is a traditional summer residence look forward to every year. >> it does not make sense. >> i am angry. >> then the blame game began. marion barry said it was giant's fault. >> they will not deliver a turkey. >> he says the company was not flexible quinn he was short $9,000 to purchase 2000 birds. the chain delivered 250 turkeys and the rest will be delivered today. >> if we have to wait another
5:48 am
day, we will wait. >> i am just grateful, because times are really hard right now. i appreciate anything. >> last year during the giveaway, police had to intervene when the 30's ran out. 1750 turkeys will be delivered by giant. marion barry is worried that will not be enough. pamela brown reporting. this lucky 30 will receive an official presidential pardon today. this 30 and he as alternate will spend the rest of their lives at george washington's mount vernon estate. adrian fenty has a proposal that the funding for the summer jobs program would be greatly reduced.
5:49 am
welfare woodcut be cut. and programs for healthier meals would be delayed. adrian fenty wants to increase metro fees by about a dollar. those parking lots are operated by metro, which has not approved changes in parking fees. 5:49. checking on traffic and weather. is it 10 degrees colder than yesterday? >> yes. n't it?ttle breezy, is and i >> yes. i will show you some cold temperatures. we are lucky. conditionsok at around parts of the country.
5:50 am
a few areas of snow in the rocky mountains. and in colorado and the upper midwest. rain in the mississippi valley possibly valley enand skimming the struggle area. billings, montana is eight below zero. great falls, montana at 20 degrees below. that's 40 degrees below average. the northern tier of the u.s. is below freezing for the most part. it is 34 degrees in meyers will --- myersville. we are pretty much nearer averaged for our low temperatures. a system will move into our
5:51 am
region later tonight and tomorrow morning. sunshine today, as in the low 50's. tonight to the clouds will increase with areas of light rain developing and possibly mixing with a little sleep early tomorrow morning. traveling across the region early tomorrow morning, don't be surprised if you get some sleep on your windshield. that should not get in uruguay. in the 30's tonight. near 50 degrees tomorrow. clearing out on the weekend. south capitol street between the three men in washington avenue, north of nationals park. south capitol street is in the process of being closed. across the anacostia river, and headed toward the freeway, pennsylvania avenue. this is the beltway at the
5:52 am
american legion bridge, no accidents or delays. 270 slowing down in the hyattstown stretch. if 95, 395 looking good. we are right here getting past the beltway. those on the headlights headed to the beltway interchange. back to you. >> thank you. the dancers have left the ballrooom floor. jennifer grey has won the mirrorball trophy. she was an early favorite with the judges and was considered the front-runner for most of the competition. >> bristol palin was often in the bottom two, but she was able to survive. some people believe that her mother is a supporter is kept bristol palin in the competition. she finished third and said she had a great experience. >> it is amazing. i have loved being years. >> we had a blast. making the final felt like winning. >> sarah palin said that bristol
5:53 am
palin learned some great life lessons from the experience. >> she has had the journey of, you know, the challenge, and improvements, and the american ethic. if it is all about work ethic and perseverance. i could not be predatoouder. >> no one would have expected bristol palin to be in the final three, so they are celebrating the victory. >> kind of romance between some of the couples. >> that is the only romance will live in herds, between pristupa and an amateur partner. -- that is the only romance rumor i heard. between krystle the palin
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welcome back. the most important piece of the memorial to 9/11 has arrived by mail. >> the pieces of debris have made their way to dundalk yesterday. it will be part of a memorial. if it is of special significance to family members of those who died in the attacks. >> the importance thing is that
5:57 am
we remember the great life that he led and rededicate ourselves to liberate life and honoring his memory. that is what this memorial will do. >> the memorial will be dedicated on the 10th anniversary of the attacks next september. that had to be an emotional ceremony. 5:57. there's a lot more still to come in the second hour.
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straight ahead, holiday gridlock from the airport to the highways. today's the day many will give the roads. >> a congressional staffer caught in an online sex sting. we will have a live report. >> jennifer grey. >> later, from dirty dancing to ballroom glory. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on t


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